Investore is the first investment marketplace in the Philippines created by The Global Filipino Investors for people who want to invest in different types of investments. It is a combination of traditional investment instruments and alternative investments that feature exclusive funding opportunities available in the Investore. We have partnered with some of the best investment firms, insurance companies, franchising businesses, established corporations and start up entrepreneurs in the country to market investment offers to our members looking for the best available investment options that will fit with their risk appetite.

Investore offers exclusive deals offered by our merchant partners. Once you decide to a specific investment product of any of our merchant partners, we will automatically connect you to them so that they can transact with you directly. The investment/business offers we have negotiated with our merchant partners is exclusively offered to our members in a form of marketing affiliate fee. Once you decide to invest to any of the products offered by our merchant partners in the Investore, you will encounter 3 forms of order systems:

  • API Link- Investore will direct you to the website of our merchant partner for you to fulfill your interest to invest on the investment products they are offering.
  • Via Manual Voucher- As you order in our platform, we will send an email to you together with your dedicated order code that you will show to our corresponding merchant partner.
  • Payment via Investore- Investore will be the one to collect your payment.

Note: The Investore will not accept any funds transferred by any of our members if the purpose of the remittance is for investment funding. We link you directly to our partner investment merchants for you to finalize your deal with them and then our merchant partners notify us once the transaction is already successful. Payments made using the Investore platform are for books and seminar purchases only.

Yes but we recommend that you should. Investor card members receive good deals in a form of Investore points that you can use to reinvest in any of the products available in our platform
It is the point system that we implement to any of the purchases of our Investor card members in the Investore. The Investore Points is equivalent to 10 pesos for every 1 point. These points can then be used to purchase investment opportunities in the Investore and or you can encash it via Investore E-Wallet.
You need atleast 500 points or Php 5000 for you to encash.


Is a membership program that will enable TGFI members to get Investore points as a form of a reward for every transaction to be purchased in the investment marketplace of TGFI called Investore.

Investor Card members can be rewarded with points which eventually can be used to avail investment opportunities available in the Investore platform and or use the Investore points to be converted into cash.

What are the member benefits?

  • Investment Tools
    • Savings Template
    • Budgeting form
    • Investment Risk Tolerance
    • Investment Calculator
    • Insurance Guide
    • Investment Roadmap
  • Insurance Coverage (personal accident insurance)
  • Web Academy Premium Access (waived fee worth P5999)
  • TGFI Global Events Discount of 10%
  • TGFI Merchant Discounts
  • Other discounts
If you want to become an Investor Card Member just click here. Fill out our online form and pay the corresponding membership fee.
We can deliver your card through shipping.
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Working professionals
  • OFWs
  • Individuals who are looking for a wide range of  investment opportunities

Absolutely! Once you successfully sign up, we will email your activation card and you can already enjoy the benefits covered by the Investor Card Membership.

Your Investore membership is valid for 1 year. The expiry date printed on your card indicates validity until the last day of the expiry month.

No worries, we got you! A membership renewal form will be mailed to you approximately a month prior to your membership expiration date.


  • Online payments
  • Bills
  • Send remittance
Contact our customer service and pay P500 for reprinting of the card. Just take note that you can still use your benefits regardless if you don’t have your card with you.
E-wallet is a type of electronic card which is used for transactions made online through a computer or a smart phone. TGFI partnered with RCF Systems in order to provide you convenience in transacting online using our e-wallet that you can use to buy load, transact payments online, transfer funds or pay bills.
Transfer fund to bank with a minimum of P5,000


You get discounts from the special offers available in the Investore.
You can earn reward points for every successful transaction you made in the Investore. Every P10.00 is equivalent to 1 reward point.
These are the points earned for every transaction made.
These are the unsettled transaction that you commited with our merchants. It will be converted into Investore Earned Points once we receive a notification from our merchant that you have already finalised an investment/business deal with them.
The Investore Points are not transferrable.